Minutes - 2020.05.26

May 26, 2020

The Board of Directors of the Webster City Community School District in the counties of Hamilton, Webster and Wright, State of Iowa, met in regular session, via ZOOM Meeting, Tuesday, May 26, 2020, in the School Administration Building, Webster City, Iowa.

ITEM 1. – Call to Order – The Board President called the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m.

ITEM 2. – Roll Call – Members answering roll call were Ms. Van Diest, Mr. Patterson, Mr. Pruismann and Ms. Williams.  Also present, via ZOOM, were members of the media and other interested parties.  Mr. Stroner was absent.

ITEM 3. – Approval of Agenda – It was moved by Mr. Patterson, seconded by Ms. Williams, to approve the agenda with one additional personnel item added.  Motion carried.

ITEM 4. – Open Comment to the Board – There were none.

ITEM 5. – Discussion Items – There were none.

ITEM 6. – Action Items

  1. COVID19 Early Retirement Plan – A motion was made by Ms. Williams, seconded by Mr. Pruismann, to approve the COVID 19 Early Retirement Plan for both Certified and Classified staff for 2019-2020 school year.  Motion carried.
  2. Administration Salaries – A motion was made by Mr. Pruismann, seconded by Mr. Patterson, to approve the Administration Salaries for 2020-2021 school year.  Motion carried.

ITEM 7. - Personnel

  1. Contract Recommendations - A motion was made by Mr. Patterson, seconded by Ms. Williams, to approve the following:
    • Recommendations of:  Travis Balt, Middle School Vocal; Kaitlyn Stroup, 2nd Grade; Ana Halvorsen, Preschool ECSE; Katie Jacobson, High School Science; Sara Brock, Sunset Heights Paraeducator/Secretary; Dawn Trujillo, Nurse Secretary; Craig Signorin, Assistant 8th Grade Girls Basketball Coach; Melissa Plagge, 9th Grade Girls Basketball Coach; Megan Kosta-Dietz, Lego League Coach; Cathy Dingman, Lego League Coach.
    • Resignations from:  Amberly HabHab, Middle School Art; Chelsie Shimek, 6th Grade; Kathryn Jass, Middle School Special Education; Jordan Moen, Pleasant View Paraeducator; Jessica Butterfield Bailey, Pleasant View Part-Time Secretary; Sandy Crim, High School Paraeducator.  Motion carried.

ITEM 8. – Other

  1. Items from Dr. Ross
    • Dr. Ross reported that work is being done for the “Return to Learn” plan.  Four work groups will work on different parts.  She is collecting input from teachers through a survey as well as representation on each committee.  Students and parents will have the opportunity to provide input via a survey letter.
    • Dr. Ross reported Governor Reynolds announced Baseball and Softball can begin on June 1st.  Joe Shanks, Activities Director, presented the Board with guidance from the Department of Education and answered questions from the Board on the processes to keep everyone safe.
  2. Items from the Board
    • Ms. Williams questioned a 7th grade Math test given to students.  This test was optional for any student wishing to take Algebra in 8th grade.
    • Ms. Williams asked if there were sets of textbooks in the classrooms.  Jama Hisler, Director of Teaching and Learning, reported there are.
    • Mr. Patterson asked if the Board needed to approve beginning Baseball and Softball on June 1st.  Dr. Ross responded the Board did not need to approve.  However, each family could determine whether to let their student participate.

ITEM 9. – Consent Items – It was moved by Ms. Williams, seconded by Mr. Pruismann, to approve the minutes of the May 11, 2020 Board Meeting.  Motion carried.

ITEM 10.  – Adjournment - A motion was made by Mr. Patterson, seconded by Ms. Williams, to adjourn the meeting at 6:38 p.m.  Motion carried, all members present voting aye.

The next Regular Board Meeting will be Thursday, June 11 at 6:00 p.m. at the School Administration Office Board Room.  Board Meetings are subject to change dependent upon need.


Cathi Hildebrand, Secretary                                        Beth Van Diest, President